Origami Dinosaurs
our resident moose hangin out in the backyard
Moose about the house
Rufus watching a baseball game on itguy's laptop..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @BorisKitty !! wishing you a fabulous day, my furrend!! xoxoxo
i think i'll stay in the shade!
wow! the sun is HOT today!!
in da garden..
checking da mint and chives
gonna take a short break.. OoOoOOPHFF!!
going for a little stroll..
job situation at somebunnyscreation.. I'm delegating!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @thisbear and madame!! xoxo
the perilla and mint are growing nicely!!
Rufus found a giant carrot in the garden!!
here's Doc Ben inspecting our cucumber plants!
thank you @ladygreyfox for the paw-knitted PAWESOME tom baker doctor who scarf!! i think da daleks r jealous!!
Bearmani TIES
I caught a rainbow!!
#cookinwifrabbits episode: Doc's Fried Rice  full show: http://bit.ly/1ldnThC
#cookinwifrabbits episode: mandarin orange cheesecake  fullshow: http://bit.ly/1mw3Smn
#cookinwifrabbits episode: Strawberry Jello cake full show: http://bit.ly/1bVGqOn
#cookinwifrabbits episode: homemade soy milk full show: http://bit.ly/1camPrH

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