Fucking typical
This is absolutely infuriating.
Dunno who this guy at Wimbledon is, but he looks very shifty. I don't trust him.
More of my magnificent professional horse photography. #whatatreat
Remember when I was learning magic and cast a spell which turned my dog to sawdust?
Fell in love with a girl once but she kept her true nature concealed & it turned out she was a cow. This is her.
I'll soon reply to all of my mentions but first I must draw your attention to the fact that I'm a terrible hypocrite.
Pardon me?
Professional horse photograph of a horse.
Just came across this photo from a few years back of me on my yacht.
As a special Christmas treat, here is a professional horse photograph of extreme beauty
Here is a new professional horse photo. I'd like to dedicate it to horses standing in fields throughout the UK.
I think she's ok with it.
Professional horse photograph, proper black and white, professionally arty stuff, for your pleasure...
Please find attached an open letter relating to a tweet I posted late last night which contained a false statement.
Here's a photo of me when I was in Aerosmith. (I'm sixth from the left.)
Selfie. Does wearing my fringe like this make me look like a cow?
Waist-down selfie. Naked. Recent spray-tan. Bit of eczema. Enjoy...
@IAmHellsBells DO ME
@RickHarwood Here you go mate. Pro (professional) horse photograph.
Professional sheep photograph.
@ThePoke Swimming with sharks advert.

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