Better late than never. The happy snow dance.
I asked @CHRIS_Daughtry  to send me a pic so I could fix him up with a new "do"
And the "Most Awesomest gift" goes to...
I'm trying.
Poor @jimbrysonmm
Very educational songs played during the kiddy rides.
This month @mercyme has had over 1,000,000 views on facebook...daily. 
Which means some people are gonna see this
Greenville Xmas parade. Holla!
Ahh Millard holiday traditions!
Happy late turkey day.
Happy turkey day...I think.
Oh it's on now! The band better sleep with one eye open.
Guess what's coming? Verrrrrrrry soon.
Silly Mike.
And again

This is not what ya wanna see before hiking into Carlsbad caverns.
Insight with MercyMe
Insight with MercyMe
Is it still coveting when you want this one and wish the owner had a newer, nicer one?
I really, really want one of these.
What just came in my mail? I must begin immediately.
Yep drove it home from the bus. I have since gotten this.
Here's a sneak peak of new album.

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