Me when people type "breath" when they mean "breathe"
Viluy = Gaga? #sailormoon #pokerface #ladygaga #chibiusa
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Lea Michelle:
$75,000 for SUNGLASSES?! Are you kidding? Do you know how many children you could've fed?! .@KyleRichards #rhobh
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People in #NYC acting like they've never had a chicken sandwich before. There were like 200 people crammed in this Chik-Fil-A. This is only a small section of the line. The people in red shirts are waiters taking orders.
There's a guy walking around Fulton Mall on Lawrence wearing an actual wall clock around his neck like a necklace.
Bobby bought the Funko BB-8 for me as a surprise for going back to work today!  <3
When Bobby dances:
My face when I heard about Christians whining about Starbucks cups: #merrychristmasstarbucks
Searched for our laundry bag for an hour, then had to walk and buy a new one. Then my cart broke on the way to the laundromat. :(
Tonight's #SNL 

I'm in love with Poe Dameron.
Oops! #christmas #naughty #santa
Skout just can't even:
Me last Friday:
THIS IS REAL?!?!?! #AMCFearFest #leprechaun
Me too, Hillary. Me too. .@hillaryclinton #hillaryclinton #hillaryclinton2016
#starwars #kyloren #duck #episode7

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