Thank you for including me in the Emmy Magazine . Such an honor
This is the world we live in ... Get off your phones people . Ha
Saw "Dallas Buyers Club" last night . Oscar worthy performances . Thank you @jaredleto for the invite
So this just happened ...
Where is everybody ?
Everyone is a genius in their own way . What's your skill , what's your talent , what's your passion ?
Don't wait for your ship to come in , swim out to it .
Author unknown
Great time last night with great friends . Love this time of year #halloween
Just came across this piece someone made of @shawnjohnson and I . Nice !
Good morning !
Great story
Great job @msamberpriley . You were amazing ! Not bad for someone who was terrified of dancing the jive ! #proud
Had a blast with my friends Aaron and Lauren last night at the AMC party . #breakingbad #DWTS #Emmys "Holy Crap"
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!! Thank you for all the love and support . My phone is about to die but I will update you on everything tomorrow. So amazing !!!
#Emmys About to start ... Nerves are starting to set in
Apparently he's a fan . Who would have thought . Cause I'm a huuuuuuuuge fan of his .  #breakingbad #Emmys
Don't forget my pass and tickets ...  #EMMYS
Always feel #pumped leading up to the #EMMYS.Thankful for the flowers from @Glade these give me the #bestfeelings.#ad
How could you not love this guy ?
Thought of the Day !
Here's a peak at some costumes for our @PrimetimeEmmys routine that will be live this Sunday 8e/5PM @CBS
Watch @PrimetimeEmmys live 9/22 8e/5p @CBS and see what my fellow nominees and I have  been cookin up . #Emmys
Playing around with some ideas for a video I'm working on . #staytuned

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