Celebrating #40thCPU Anniversary of Intel 4004 Microprocessor with Designer Federico Faggin #SF #Technology
Celebrating #40thCPU with Intel 4004 designer Federico Faggin
Kissed by the Sun San Francisco Style
Interrobang Best New Punctuation?!
Jazz Moves into San Francisco Music Zone
Feels like one of those days @Jess3
Blue Angels Asleep, Sunset Across the San Francisco Bay.
Amber Evening Silicon Valley Sky
Feeling Groovy, Grrrr8!
Is it an Oar or Paddle convention at San Francisco Marriott Marque Today?
Ultrabooks Questions Answered by Intel VP Mooly Eden #IDF2011
Tablet Reference Design for future Medfield Atom SoC from Intel's Steve Smith #IDF2011
Futuristic research chip from Intel allows computer to power up on postage stamp sized solar cell #IDF2011
Live blogging #IDF2011 with talented techster @Ubergizmo
Intel CEO Talks About New Smartphone Atom Reference Design at #IDF2011
Fireballs from @IntelLabs - tossing sensors into the blaze to gather intelligence #IDF2011
Facebook on the tongues of timeless faces of Tropea, Italy
Bark at the Moon this evening for for what matters most
My Kind of Wall Street Journal Story -- Real American Breakfast of Champions
San Francisco September Fog Like a Waterfall
When in Munich
Piazza Della Bocca di Verita, Rome, Italy
Above the entryway to Casa di Crescenzi, Rome, Italy
Casa on the Corner, Serra San Bruno, Calabria, Italy

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