Flipflop Checkered Van's #wishlist
Who Let the Fog Out?
President Obama's Intel Blue Badge and Signed Wafer Inside the Intel Museum
Ponte Vecchio Circa 1991 My First Visit, Not Last #Italy
Pathway to Innovation Meets Nature, Golden Gate Bridge #SF
Draw Your Crazy Machine Doodle Wall at Intel's Bring Your Kids to Work Day.
@sjcobrien @jolieodell @kymbee @juliewattsTV @smi23leThanks for sharing social media & journalism experiences @SMC_SV
What Would Your Spaceship Do?
Adobe Gets Social Media Organized Hub & Spoke Style @MariaPoveromo #BlogWell
News Stories People Connect With @IntelFreePress @BeckyAnnBrown #BlogWell
Intel Brand Ambassadors & Advisors @BeckyAnnBrown cc @alisonawesley #BlogWell
From Rational to Emotional @Intel @BeckyAnnBrown #BlogWell
At Least My Father Tried
My Father's Handwritten Words of Wisdom
Sunny sidewalk surfing at California dusk
Guide to Car-Splattered Bugs
Downtown Burlingame, CA Evermore Picturesque
My iPhone Photo for @FastCompany @Intel Changing Energy Landscape http://bit.ly/mkiGDJ #IntelLabs
My Cali-Style Johnny Cash Black Threads #Vans
Really Smart Tech for Future Cars #IntelLabs
Probing Speed of Data Zooming w/ Silicon Photonics
Technological Sea Creator or Silicon Photonics?
Solar + Wireless = Renewable Data Communications
Bike Pedaling to Power Classmate PC

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