Lots of passages near work, great for lunchtime walks...& Clarke the pigeon 'reclaiming the pavement'.
So gonna get in trouble for this...but a beautiful night out, in Lady V's crew!
This rose is called 'Deep Secret', i love it in flower #allday #everyyear
Meeting room at work, close up on the alcove...such beautiful detailing!
Meeting room at work....oh so fancy!
Royal Academy of Arts #summerexhibition i loved this piece...
Perfectly piped #chocolatefairycakes
Late Friday night #chocolateguinnesscake for my Lil Ben
Taking a break from housemoving, Nat in his old skool blazer & Lorraine giving it their best 'gang' lmao!
Post art & aquashard, being arty at home...or as my mum says, poncing like a twit! :o)
Parked up safe & sound on my sister's driveway, for my niece's party. Still a bit shell-shocked..!
Bowle's mauve #wallflower up close...
#gardensuperstar flowers year round, easy to grow cuttings & #bees love it! Bowle's mauve #wallflower
@VeejayMistry ooh there's also this? Could be good? Or pants. Bit like life ;o)
@VeejayMistry interested?? The Design Museum! Not the Nile Rodgers photobomb!
Ooh now the #shrub looks like this in fuller bloom..
Not sure what this #shrub is? It grows round the corner from work. But wants the precious..
Magnolia in captivity on the roof terrace while its still small enough!
Nat caught wearing a non-Liverpool scarf! *gasps* lol
Front hedge underplanting. Aaah verdant! :o)
The cat nearly back to normal, growing out the dodgy haircut...
Office Stationery Cupboard Tribute to 80085 (if you had a calculator at school & are still puerile!)
Aaah the sweet serenity of the roof terrace.. (ignoring the fact that i must restain the decking this year!)
Back to normal, being a little b****r, that hides & jumps out at me to make me scream. Where's that cone..

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