C1 and C2 buttons looked kinda dirty, tried putting sharpie on them and I kinda like it.
less scary:
I just found that rhyme! haha here's one photo from the 7+
OMG!!! 😁 pt2
Took like a month more than it should've but my @jobyinc wrist strap and new SD card are finally here.
OMG!!! 😁
@colerise @sdw btw submitted for review yesterday, would love to see what you guys can do with RAW once it's out 😬
Added 3D Touch shortcuts because why not
This just showed up a few blocks away from my house. Pretty nice way to try out Reuk + iPhone 6s RAW photos.
@SusanKare did you see all your icons on iOS 10??? 😁
Also, it's showing as an ad for me? Kinda neat but I'm not paying for that. Not sure what's up there.
@Z_Healy not sure what you mean but I only have 1 pair of shoes (others are broke) and I love them. Nike Free 4.
@mattpat agreed, love having my photos on my wall. 

PS, no scholarship this year :( but I might visit, I'll lyk
@maxvoltar https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=97KfDhJdOKI
We've been cleaning out the house, so far we've found three 35mm rolls.
Heart rate has been a roller coaster these past few days:
Unrelated: my boss's new S3 is pretty awesome.
Unrelated: my boss's new S3 is pretty awesome.
@flyosity 😜
@avon @letterboxd 😁👍🏻
Is it just me or does she look like David Bowie?
Quite a lot of paperwork.

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