Awesome Signal FTW! :D
my new USB flashdrive :)
@Stigmurder Christmas cactus!:)
Happy plant :)
I wonder what's inside the bird's nest...
DIY gingerbread man :)
DIY gingerbread man pt2
Lol @ fortune cookie >_<
Breakfast II
Breakfast I
Meds for my flu.... never underestimate the healing effect of new shoes ^_^
Bad Luck.... #nin/wish
@november19 one of my beloved "creepy creatures" that once lived with me :)
... feed me pt2
feed me ...
@azonei re: Snaptu UK TV guide it's in >menu >add application :)
Full moon.
Creepy plants behind the curtain.
running out of marmite :( #eeek #ohnoes!
...ready for breakfast...?
@Fawaz_  i'm tweeting this :)
at the supermarket  :)
apparently i just stepped on the poor thing :( Fortunately it wasn 't thursday night's giant moth. That would have made a hell of a mess...
Basil II

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