Basil I
i wonder if it ate the moth last night... :O  #nomnomnom
@azonei #keepazoneisexy in London
@Fawaz_ re: dinnerz time........
@Fawaz_ ... and the patch :)
@Fawaz_ and you also missed this nice little thing :(
@Fawaz_  i have a bath date with my rubber duck :)
Breakfast :D #nomnomnom
@azonei Proof! :) #keepazoneisexy
Changed my plans due to the bad weather and went home for this :) #nomnomnom
Great weather :)
No guns allowed from 8pm - 8am... WTF!
Star Wars stuffed "animals" :)
Hot ! :)
My first iPhone :)
Plush-guitar FTW!
This is a test :)
@guilty fossil pt2 :)
@guilty_  re: Trilobite fossils - take a look at my "baby" :)
Sunshine :)
Solarpower FTW :)
Peaches...mmmmm... nom nom nom
OMG! I found my very first giant PAYG phone at my parent's house - lol @ this huge battery. The w200i looks tiny beside it :)
hungry plant

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