I think at this point we could all really use this picture of a Sphynx kitten.
(Hyves fun fact: my avatar is featured on @RaymondSpanjar’s book cover “From 3 to 10 million friends”. Spot me?)
Oh, by the way, Mr. Hyves aka @RaymondSpanjar sent his regards from Australia. (Pretty sure he ain’t ever comin back)
I just love it when Facebook advertises my pictures as being those of a Russian prostitute………… 

!!!!! Arrgghhh
Had a great time presenting the @tweakers awards last night! Who knew n3rds are thát good at dancing the polka? ;-)
Die @AlexanderNL moet vaker feestjes geven. Uitstekende smaak in vrouwvolk. @lizekorpershoek @mariannezw
Excitiiiiiing! :-D
Presentatie van @AlexanderNL van zijn oude-meets-nieuwe mediaplatforn Blendle. Goede zaak lijkt me. Zin in!
Napping.. Errr I mean working ;-)
In the mean time my make-up artist figured I’m not quite pale enough…. #photoshoot
Fastest shoot ever today for @HPdeTijdNL. Out soon incl a very personal interview
Visiting our friends at @Tweakers today :-D
Meanwhile in #California, cops beating a man to death are acquitted. Protestors arrested. Heartbreaking. #KellyThomas
Watching #AmericanHustle w/ @Nalden & @heinvanjoolen #AmongstFriends
Outfit du nuit
Why don’t you have a Sphynx kitten while I prepare for an award presentation job tonight.
I bet you could really use a pic of a Sphynx kitteh right now.
@gerwinbuis they could be siblings, but they're not then, I think. Here are mine :)
Yup ;-) RT @wjuytdehage: @ncilla je hebt vast al een date :-(
Social occasions: JFK magazine's greatest man gala.
Interviewing the one and only @PeterRdeV today! Coming soon to your favorite show #DeBetweters ;-)
Goodmorning to you, too!
Cave man
Reunited w/ gentleman @HumbertoTan. Coming to #DeBetweters, soon! :-D

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