there is that main chavtommy was the killer of jovenel moise after evaded the arrest after 1 year escaped from haiti he assassinated shinzo abe after 8 days in japan
she found the result he reached puerto principe inside the grey truck gets out of passenger seat and picked equipments thief mask armor jacket assault rifle and begins to proceed breach haiti president jovenel moise house broke every doors in 2nd floor found him and killed the haiti president jovenel moise and shot martine right arm
thats the same person tommy is the killer of jovenel moise participated the assassination in puerto principe in haiti after 1 year the main chavtommy will permanently suspended for evade the permanent suspension
at last they uprising against the killer of jovenel moise he is finally permanently suspended for violating the twitter rules and participated the assassination of jovenel moise after 1 year
there cctv camera caught the killers especially tommy was inside the passenger truck reached puerto principe once breached jovenel house and assassinated haiti president jovenel moise after 1 year
other users hated tommy for being the killer of jovenel moise after 1 year in puerto principe assassination he still the killer a worst user in haiti
at last mathep is going to worlds frvr too he will play together a new place to live once others arrived worlds frvr will become new home
worlds frvr is new place to live is like awesome after egg hunt 2022 was discontinued it looks most collecting about worlds frvr
there is tommy is actually a murderer of jovenel moise after 11 months he sent miguel cruz to kill orlando jorge mera he violated the twitter rules and suspend him permanently
worlds frvr is new place was found there lots to find like gold digger frvr is made the others did
and thats why 2blox2quit finally forgot that tommy was a murderer he participated the assassination of jovenel moise marked on worlds frvr after 10 months of killing on haiti
this is why he forgot about capital kiev is destroyed tommy will permanently suspended it he violates the twitter rules or russians victory against ukraine population decreasing marked in worlds frvr
this is the end of egg hunt 2022 is discontinued because is terminating the russians and belarusian users just bloxgiving hallows eve did
so thats cool it homie user was seen 2012 april fools incident after 10 years there more about spencer is actually a belarusian he is unable to use devex program
beware egg hunt 2022 will detect belarusian or russian users will get banned forever he is detecting the users who is russian or belarusian will banned forever and termination
this is why tommy was really a belarusian letting me die in ukraine by russian soldiers im coming from dominican republic too
it must clean the keyboard mouse monitor lcd screen including hard drive memory ram heatsink add thermal paste on their computers is last moments i got killed by russians in ukraine
there is mathep gateway computer had a broken motherboard jcnavarro dell computer had broken cpu fan and emachines computer needs maintenance almost overheated the cpu fan must cleaned
the worst user was tommy and rodj for sending death threats at me and making wrong decision he broke jcnavarro computer lcd mark dell making supremacy content extremist about ghislaine maxwell trial massacre killing like talibans both will suspended for violating the twitter rules
other users worlds frvr was most played the others need more experience as well will need this
thats the same user again i told stay away from me and he disobeyed me because he violated the twitter rules too and get away from me the same user rodj is the threat too like spike
i threaten to block many against all the robloxians for disobeying my orders tommy his alt chav will suspended for violating the twitter rules and dishonoring harassing threating to death as hostile act
im untrusted against all the robloxians because i blocked many for disobeying me im angrily yelling stay away from me all robloxians who talked about me will suspended for violating the twitter rules
thats right i blocked many against the robloxians for not deleting the tweets as he done he disobeyed me tommy is banned forever and stay away from me for disobeying my orders soon will suspended for violating the twitter rules

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