WTF is dit voor advertising op Facebook? @Livingsocial #fail
Winter Wonder Land #snow @ Vondelpark (cc @femajh)
@gaby407 Mam op de drums, Bill en Elvis op gitaar :P
My new best friend
Slecht woordgrapje.. #worst
@diegozer speciaal voor jou...
OMG where's Holland?? It's gone
I'm so proud of my mom's designer skills... it runs in the family
playing with the AR project for Pluimen.. almost ready
Roxy nostalgie #museumnacht
Pata negra tapas with Cuban Cigars mojitos Yay!
with sleepyhead @annemieketeune
Toetje #cherryvanillapop :D
Tuesday: build-a-lasagna-day
Krijgt zomaar een 3 gangenmenu voorgeschoteld
Half om halve lunch met Maarten
Annemarijn totally digged my outfit today..
Hello sun, I missed you!
Sky on fire #020
DJ Dolly
Yeah! Waking up with #22tracks iPhone App :) I like! @diegozer @venz_ @klui
#robodock concert in flames @ NDSM
Burning #robodock
Weirdest bar - awesome firebirds #robodock

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