I always need to be doing something with my hands and they gave me a white board desk and dry erase marker
I tear up when I think about Robin Williams’ death. So of course this is in the lounge at school (because Boston)
I don’t like the continuing summer Coke campaign because I don’t want to share my Coke, period. (Sorry @ndoto)
Computers need to breathe too
Me and Tex, each on our computers
I know when he does this he’s trying to keep light out his eyes while he sleeps but it looks like he has a headache
Zuko, it’s hard for me to pet you when you’re sitting on the petting arm
Dang I forgot the excited cat pic in the tweet
This building is a puzzle, right? Like I have to unscramble it and make a path or something
I’m curious
Ok this makes me laugh
They’re so pretty!
I love red trees!
@starboots_ I love mine! I bought w/o any idea what I’d use it for and now it houses my smaller knitting things
I have to. I mean, who am I to deny the requests of the pastries?
Me:*makes free items sign*
Male customer:*stares too long* I get a free smile? 
Me: you would’ve if you hadn’t asked
The color on this tree is just fantastic
I walked under this flowering tree and it smelled lovely
And then our eyes met across the house…
This is how everyone plays games, right? Pinned to their gaming device?
Ah, springtime. When I wonder if Zuko grows fur as fast as I can comb it or he’s just fur powered by magic
I gotta rebuild my knitting calluses. Again. 
Also made a post for $1+ patrons https://www.patreon.com/Punzie
Here lies Zuko, consumed by a shark
@TrinAndTonic some of the alien life forms we let live in the house

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