Is this amazon’s response to labo?
They weren’t kidding around when they said alolan exeggcutors were out now #PokemonGO
It turns out this year you can pull the names off the Coke so you don’t have to share with anyone 👍
Not a far walk from class to sit by the water during lunch
Coding cat is totally helping me with my homework
Punzie found her happy place: playing board game, Coke in reach, adorable passed out kitten in arm (+bonus @aryooki)
My current view: @Aryooki’s cat, Sokka
RLT: glitch in the matrix: those 2 cats are the same & 1 just realized he needs to kill or be killed by the other
@Aryooki suggested at the bottom of that one… omg gambit so smol!!
Haha coding jokes!
More desk doodles in class
Lol. No Toms for me. Sorry everyone named Tom
I didn’t pick up the Coke I meant to pick up #punzieproblems
Idle Punzie hands + white board desk + dry erase marker =
Do Star Wars cheezits taste different or am I too used to the cheddar jack ones?
I always need to be doing something with my hands and they gave me a white board desk and dry erase marker
I tear up when I think about Robin Williams’ death. So of course this is in the lounge at school (because Boston)
I don’t like the continuing summer Coke campaign because I don’t want to share my Coke, period. (Sorry @ndoto)
Computers need to breathe too
Me and Tex, each on our computers
I know when he does this he’s trying to keep light out his eyes while he sleeps but it looks like he has a headache
Zuko, it’s hard for me to pet you when you’re sitting on the petting arm
Dang I forgot the excited cat pic in the tweet
This building is a puzzle, right? Like I have to unscramble it and make a path or something

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