Whelp, one of the cats exploded ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Much like spongebob, Zuko also enjoys jelly fishing
Eff yeah school provided goldfish for snacks today :D
Today’s desk doodles: playing Tetris with myself
Zuko: clean, clean, clean
Me: omg belly I want to pet it!!
Zuko: you’re cool. can we be friends?
Tex: I don’t even notice you
Me: I’m gonna sit on the couch…
Tex: you think so, huh?
TIL there’sa food truck called the bacon truck. You bet your ass I ate there. And it’s adorable
I hate climbing the hill first thing every morning to the bus. Decided to see if I’m overreacting. Nope seems legit
Is this amazon’s response to labo?
They weren’t kidding around when they said alolan exeggcutors were out now #PokemonGO
It turns out this year you can pull the names off the Coke so you don’t have to share with anyone 👍
Not a far walk from class to sit by the water during lunch
Coding cat is totally helping me with my homework
Punzie found her happy place: playing board game, Coke in reach, adorable passed out kitten in arm (+bonus @aryooki)
My current view: @Aryooki’s cat, Sokka
RLT: glitch in the matrix: those 2 cats are the same & 1 just realized he needs to kill or be killed by the other
@Aryooki suggested at the bottom of that one… omg gambit so smol!!
Haha coding jokes!
More desk doodles in class
Lol. No Toms for me. Sorry everyone named Tom
I didn’t pick up the Coke I meant to pick up #punzieproblems
Idle Punzie hands + white board desk + dry erase marker =
Do Star Wars cheezits taste different or am I too used to the cheddar jack ones?

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