This. This exactly
I love when 2 of my teeeps have the same thought at the same time
Zuko says: human, must we do this every year?
Punzie says: happy Halloween from Lando Cat-rissian
Buy our haunted pizza! It’s only $3!
I’m having a productive day at work, building an origami porg army
I really wish they’d put some where’s Waldo or something on the ceiling of my pt place
lol timeline synergy
Leafy gradients
Leafy gradients
This cutie booger head is directly over my shoulder
If my cat understood human language he’d have a much bigger ego prob. Most times I look at him I say how cute he is
Current mood: sick and using my cat as a pillow to try and absorb the healing properties of his purrs
You can’t tell me what to do!
I really love sunny leaves against a clear bright blue sky. I take pics like this one All. The. Time.
Zuko is having thoughts about watching Gotham
Ahahaha his head fell over
Shhh there’s something cute sleeping in my lap
This is the clearest my desk has been in AGES (like, probably a few years)
Here’s all the Oreos I went through last night. 150 #punziesfunzies baked & freezing for @cookie_brigade @ unplugged
Hehe. Oreo cookie butt
And with  I’m not entirely convinced this church isn’t a Zelda dungeon. Or was before the enemies turned to store
Me and @Proprietous, wedding crashers
It’s cool that you can just walk up and touch some presidents[’ tombs]
The wording on the plaques is kind of wrongly amazing. A model of domestic worth. Frail and simple. @Proprietous

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