The gorgeous couple
Love a beach wedding. Congratulations to Donna and Joe! is that time of year.
Getting in a portrait look at the rock show. @fortuneyeller closing us out.
A beautiful night of the indie. @geezlouisemusic on it.
Really cool side project for these guys. @wetbrainband kicking the week off.
Flash Back Fryday action. I do believe this was shot on the first roll of white seemless I ever bought. That was just 3 1/2 years ago. How time flies.
Some @wellwisher_nj action from the fall. Disappointed to hear about dollys, one of my favorites. One door closes, another door opens.  Get em!
Today is an appropriate day for sharing this one.  A throw back from this intimate winter wedding, and a great time it was
A much needed night of the hard and the heavy. As is my custom when I take in a set from @deafrhino, a shot of kick ass drummer man @jjdbiamonte
Expressive set from @deafrhino to close out the night.
My favorite photogenic bass player. @blackcloudsofficial rock in hard
Post Prom Portraits. Tired looking bunch.
All dolled up in her @nycglitz gown, waiting for the arrival of her date.
Time for senior prom!
Closing it out with @levyandtheoaks. Look closely, Had to, just had to. Thanks Lou.
Very cool set turned in by @pioneertheeel. Felt like I was chillin in the village.
Mackenzie going solo to kick us off on this #happymonday
Closing out the night with a very entertaining set from @everyman. Must see them!
A slice of a highlight in the dark. @smalltalkplus on it.
It's Monday! And yes we are happy. 
@chrisbrownap starting us off.
The wedding party to be. Even missing two I believe. Thunder Storm indeed.
Mother's Day is right around the corner. A shout out to the moms who put the party together!
Bridal Shower? Nope. 
Thunder Storm! 
Congratulations to Brian and Chuck on their upcoming nuptials!

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