Melissa is a Paramedic, mom of three, married and has been busting it at the gym. She will be entering her first ever competition next month!
Making minor modifications in your daily routine can produce major results in your outcomes.
A quick preview from a recent session. Hard work pay off!
Wanted to get this one up before the days activities commence. Perhaps he is dwelling on the 13 hour ride to come.
Feeling it. Great time with @rrtfb. Slide heaven.
Great start to a musical fryday night. @mattoreeband starting things off
Sums it up nicely. Loving me some Texas blues courtesy of @primalstaticband
Happy year anniversary to @moderncrowds. Safe travels this weekend.
Starting a Thursday night at the @saintapnj with @yawn_mower
One more of the daughter, cause I am a proud papa.  Going to take the chair out and put this one on the wall!
I think this one has no idea how good she really is. And I just love this costume.
A little tap action action now. The one discipline that is so much harder than it looks..
The daughter doing her thing!
Aaaaaaaaand here we go. It was an adventure finding the place, but we are underway with the second competition of the year for these girls.
Final drummer of the day. Joe from @commonwealthofficial. 
Happy weekend to all!
A little drummer love from @lyonsband.
Had a great time watching drummer man @joeybones_ from @the_morgan_freemasons. Expressive, energetic and excellent chops.
There will hair flying everywhere the next couple of days, heading out with the dance family to our second competition of the year. 
@commonwealthofficial was the perfect opposite to what the weekend will offer.
Loved the really cool set turned in by @the_morgan_freemasons
Helping @jeffcrespirocks celebrate his birthday tonight. Happy birthday sir, @lyonsband kicking things off.
When the bass player steps out front all live videos must come to a halt. 
@pimpsofjoytime closing out the night.
Mongo like smoke!
Hey! It's Julian's birthday!  Happy birthday day sir. 
Digging a Fryday night full of jams at  @thewonderbarofficial

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