A little drummer love for Sam from @blamecandy.  These guys made my night.
All the back beat boys were hidden in smoke most of the night. Snagged this one of Chris from @thedealcasino playing hit the moving drum during a brief solo volley.
Well, a Sunday night in February. With the amount of energy and people at @saintapnj you would think it is a summer Saturday. Stellar night.
Holy incredible set turned in by @blamecandy. They are a must see.
Moody ass lights for @thecoldseas.  How perfect.
The beginning of a Saintly Sunday. 
@radhorror kicking things off.
The beginning of a saintly sunday...
@radhorror starting things off.
Digging this one a bunch. John from @abovethemoonmusic was fun to watch too!
Some of you may have figured out by now that when a @deafrhino shot goes up, Jack is not far behind. One of the wildest drummers on the scene, and one of the most photographic.
Sharing a bunch of their new material and closing out the night with @deafrhino. They broke out lots of new material for this @jersey_rock showcase at @thewonderbarofficial
A little different angle for ya. 
@levyandtheoaks, bloody beautiful.
Nice one! @abovethemoonmusic turning in a beauty. 
#wonderbar  #asburypark #nj #njmusic #njbands #livemusic #concerts #newmusic #np #nowplaying #speakimge #jerseyrock #959 #thewrat #yuengling
Finally getting to see @abovethemoonmusic. 
Really good stuff.
I have always been more of a tequilla kinda guy... music brings us all together. 
@chrisbrownap kicking things off here for @jersey_rock.
High speed sync? Not so much. More on my thoughts about that later. Just a fine dancer and a pair of bees.
That hair!
Got together with the dance girls for their promos. Had this template from @privateprize picked out just waiting to be used.
Love these guys. @wickedhollow closing out the night. It's good to be back!
The groooove. Can ya feel it? 
@pepperwine getting them moving.
Back in the fold here @saintapnj for @959thewrat @jersey_rock showcase of local bands.  First of four for them.  @mind_riot starting things off.
Heather and my nephew spent a few days with us during our recent trip south. Managed to get her for 20 minutes before they went home.  Really liking this look.
Ladies First
Just a few days to go until the music returns. Had enough peace and quiet, time to get back at it. 
Updated my selfie last week... One of these days I will get an official head shot. That sounds wierd coming from a portrait guy.
One more for the night. Thankful for being safe and having the chance to get some exploring in.  Travel day tomorrow. 
Can't wait to get this one on the main machine. Should be fun to process.

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