Christmas (still) in full effect...keeping it all going with a fresh batch of mulled wine. Cheap plonk suitably enhanced...
@thebeatcroft @desperatereader off for a quick taste (who, me, officer?) of your recommendations @thegreenwelly...
Spotted, Lochside: search of Nessie...#nessiehunters #a82
Trying this out, dunno if it'll catch on - smoked kipper in vanilla ice cream. Mmmm. #hestoneatyourheartout
Not normally inclined towards 'list'y type things but I'm getting absolutely lost in this. So much great stuff out there.
Roddy Woomble in sparkling form at @EdenCourt Cannot wait for the album. Brilliantly atmospheric venue too.
An Innis&Gunn Friday
There are going to be some mighty delighted shepherds in West #Ardnamurchan
I think the people from Visit Scotland have been paying the weather providers here in #Lochaber today...#CorranFerry
Telegraph pic reminds me of old Emo Philips gag:my brother says hello...hooray for speech therapy.
Wood supplier finally came good. Monster pile still to shift, that was 1/4 bigger! Sore back=teabreak
How's this for a niche interest group? #Glenelg #Skye #ferry
Lochaber scenery turning it on today with icing sugar dusting on the corrie at Ardgour. #uksnow #ph36
#Latte #Art day 2: get in there! Wahey! #coffee
D thebeatcroft Mince pies are done, cheesecake in the fridge. Bowmore 12 next? No sun so no yardarm...
Tinderbox, Byres Rd. The 'cannolo' kinda pastry and cream cannelloni...will report back. #coffeeandcake
Tip for those attempting #Nigella 's chocolate Guinness cake: do NOT use low fat Philly. Doesnae whip!
Cinammon buns perhaps a tad more 'bread roll'esque than I'd have liked; nonetheless marvellous with fresh coffee.
Meanwhile, despite being snowbound, Santa's elves continue paperchain production. #christmas
Strontian Winter Wonderland... #viewfromtheloft
Tree harvested. Loft raided. Arguments started...ah. It must be tree decorating time.
Woah stop the bus. 'They' appear to have dug up the bowling green at Kelvingrove. Not on. Who do we write to?
Get yersel' tae Fopp in Glasgow Union St, @FRabbits whole catalogue for £23!

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