Wonson fishermen #NKorea
The speed with which the Kim Jong-Un propaganda was rolled out throughout the countryside makes it hard to believe there is much disunity.
Some countryside commerce: drinks, cigarettes, popsicles. #NKorea
As usual, women holding up more than half the sky #Nkorea
More #NKorean steampunk: this truck runs on steam generated by a wood-burning stove bolted into the back; ppl must constantly feed it wood
Very tough to stomach all of this during a long trip
A doc told me accidents are mostly industrial (burns), mining and road accidents. All electricity seems to be getting repaired.  #NKorea
more good humour from factory floor #NKorea
But smiles all around, despite lamentable conditions. #NKorea
some seriously old (and dangerous-looking) equipment #NKorea
funky industrial space; #NKorea's 798
trying not to smile
Funky industrial space; hope it can be turned into an art gallery someday. #NKorean fertilizer factory
Some lovely people working at the fertilizer factory in difficult conditions: hot, noisy.  But their shifts are only 8 hours, we were told.
Our guide at this fertilizer factory admitted that #NKorea cannot produce all the fertilizer it needs
Hamhung fertilizer factory built by the East Germans (Those Who Will Not Be Named).  Capacity of 700,000 tons a year.  Largest in #NKorea
Morning rush hour in Hamhung #NKorea
Average traffic in Hamhung #NKorea
More #NKorean Young Pioneers saluting
#NKorean Young Pioneers giving the pioneer salute
Main thoroughfare in Hamhung. Pink bldgs built by E. Germans, since  airbrushed from history in favour of Great Leader and Eternal President
North Korean steampunk : wood-burning trucks.  Innovative alternative fuel; they pollute like crazy #NKorea
These girls in Hamhung told us they were 13 years old. The leader of the group towered over the rest #NKorea
These girls in Hamhung told us they were 13 years old. #NKorea

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