A rare break as roving bicycle repairmen in the countryside seem to have perpetual business. #NKorea
Pyongyang becoming more posh - parking lots filling up #NKorea
Pyongyang becoming more posh
Mobilising resources for big projects  ≠ reform at micro level where there's investment in local areas/delegation of authority #NKorea
Waterpark construction site Kim Jong Un visited that day. Going from one mega project to the next (w/ Chinese mining money) is not reform
Billboard for #Nkorea's own car, the Hwiparam ('whistle' in Korean).  People hardly lining up to buy them, only saw one the entire trip
The cabbage express #NKorea
More #NKorean soldiers at Demilitarized Zone in Panmunjom. Jovial bunch.
#NKorean soldiers at the Demilitarized Zone in Panmunjom. More extremely warped views on history, including that the US surrendered.
Coming back to Pyongyang after days in countryside, is like coming back to Oz from  19th century #NKorea
Saw some women in countrside bicycling with two kids.  #NKorea
Saw pics of #Nkorean countryside from decades ago. Nothing looks different. Wheelbarrows, ox carts, bicycles.
I met some amazingly strong people with incredibly difficult lives. Imagine what they could do if their govt invested in them #NKorea
Adorable kid having wonderful time working/playing #Nkorea
Schoolkids eating lunch on the sidewalk #NKorea
Schoolkids eating lunch on the sidewalk #NKorea
More kids in fields.  (Kids in school all must wear a uniform.)
Schoolchildren lining up to visit the Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities #NKorea
A child comforts his distraught mother #NKorea
Kyphosis caused by osteoporosis and bone weakness
Young and old all at work in the fields #NKorea
Kids all over the fields. Harvesting cannot go quicky enough, so it spoils.  Almost no investment / mechanisation in countryside. #NKorea
Oxen tired and skinny.  #NKorea
relatively affluent village #NKorea

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