Creepy message on the train home..
..because there where to many people waiting for the Gemeentemuseum..
Tryin' some night/streetlights photography
I was on the 19.30 RTL news yesterday! #fivesecondsoffame #rtl #cda
Earlier this afternoon; waiting for the Dutch Olympians. (more photos later)
Live TV preparations at the office. #cda
Guess what time it is.. :)
There was a kid throwing toys from a window.. one almost hit me!
Lunch at 'De Jaren', Amsterdam.
This was today's dinner.
That was a delicious high-tea at Dudok Rotterdam! (@brownzai & @samanthadepanta)
@7Causes op bezoek met hun bus-kantoor!
"Eu me chamo Harry. Muito prazer." :)
Yesterday; me interviewing the prime minister of the Netherlands. :) #fb
Just interviewed Prime Minister Balkenende! (more proof later, thnx to @hermandevries)
MJ flashmob Amsterdam featured with photo in Time Magazine! #mj
Good memories :) #webkracht
Was at the Dutch Parliament building today #CDA #thehague
High tea at Dudok, Den Haag #thehague
"Speak melon and enter".. #mellon #lotr #quote
This desert really tasted like.. nothing!
Dark clouds gathering over #thehague
@likestarlight Wist je dit al?! ;)

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