Extra energy is needed again. (Sadly no time to go out and get a RedBull.)
Mist slowly dissipating over #TheHague.
Shoppin' in The Hague..
All down from here! Best friday in ages ^^ #tgif
Lunch in the Autumn sun, wonderful weather!!
Kruidnoten. Addiction guaranteed.. thnx Sinterklaas..
Photos at the Minister went great :)
@ILFORDPhoto saw some oldschool Ilford at local exposition today :)
@20_02 deze wil jij denk ik ook wel zien ;)
The original Lomo? :)
Some very old cameras at this exposition ^^
Video almost live! ..wait, what?! My internet is failing me :(
Proof of SBUX opening 'soon' in The Hague. (telegraaf, Dutch)
'Alone' at the office.. busy day.. busy day..
N-Joy magazine: closeup of my featured photo (on far right).
N-Joy magazine: Sacred Cats of the Pharaoh's Country.
Received my package from Egypt today!! It's a magazine (N-Joy) featuring one of my photos ^^ *happy*
At Ikea, they sell these cookies.. I didn't buy them..
Another package from Singapore. And a notice of the arrival of my package from Egypt.. *yay!
Didn't know, until now, I could take screenshots on 'this thing' ^^
Look what the mail brought today.. all the way from Singapore ^^ thnx BangCD.com!
Early Mac 3,5 Floppy. Would it still work on that first Mac? @humantorch
(Lomo) Plamodel Camera, complete! I'd recomment this to everyone! http://bit.ly/c1cWv ;)
Plamodel, just before step 14. All lenses are in, and only 4 small steps to completion ^^

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