Although my boys are 12 and 13, I still find myself saying ‘be careful!’ a hundred times a day. Literally, I’m afraid. These are such wonderful alternatives! #growingpains#toothtales #ittakesavillage
Awww, thís is how we love it! Although we offer a selection of gorgeous classic gold bangles and bracelets to hang your tooth charm on, this girl decided to use one of her moms signature bracelets from the eighties. Nostalgia and nostalgia. Gorgeous! #toothtales #babyteeth #firsttoothlost #memento #gold
Enjoy your morning coffee and keep your head in the clouds.. ☁️
Baby Otis moet zijn eerste melktandje nog krijgen maar zijn moeder kan niet wachten tot hij gaat wisselen. Dan laat ze van het eerste gewisselde tandje een gouden hanger maken. Om voor altijd te koesteren. Want het gaat al zo snel...Tooth Tales als favoriet in de @vivamama van deze maand. #milestones #firsttooth #firsttoothlost #memories #childhood
And at night: wash your face, comb your hair and take off your teeth. #toothtales #makememories #betterthandiamonds
This kids room! Magical. An invitation to dream. #toothtales #childhood #memories
🌈keep 'em close 🌈 All my loved ones on one bracelet 🌈 sitting pretty 🐥🐥🐥 #toothtales #morepreciousthendiamonds
Wait what? Yes! It's baby teeth ornaments hanging in our Christmas tree 🎄 #toothtree #toothtales #hohoho #commision
Elja (6) kwam vandaag met deze bungelaar uit school. Twee uur later, in de auto, kwam hij eruit. Thuis heeft ze hem gelijk in een potje gedaan eb vannacht mag hij onder haar kussen. En dan is het wachten tot de tandenfee langs komt.
No kids? No problem! We got you covered with our fine white chocolate molars in a macaroon shaped trinket box. Now available though our Kickstarter, link in bio. Or send us a dm.
'Je kind heeft de tandenfee, jij hebt Tooth Tales.' @andcgram heeft het concept bondig samengevat, waarvoor dank! 😘⚡️ #toothtales
Better together 😍 #toottales #morepreciousthendiamonds 💛
Chain of love 💛#toothtales #morepreciousthendiamonds
Chain of love - #toothtales 💛 #morepreciousthendiamonds
Toothalicious Tales! #toothtales @nineijff
Sometimes, someone can make you feel two meters taller. Can make you feel confident even though you're scared shitless. Can bring out the smile that is the core of your being. @nineijff did just that when I needed it most, and how I wish we all could have Nine to take that one picture that reminds us of who we are or most want to be. I'll shamelessly stick this one on my fridge as a reminder of my potential. And to keep having loads of fun! We're all dead and buried before we know it. So, haha. This was meant to be an uplifting post. #practicemakesperfect ❤️❤️❤️
We have launched our Kickstarter campaign because we want the whole world to know about Tooth Tales! And say no to stray baby teeth 😁😆. Your help is so much appreciated. By backing our project, or sharing it on your timeline, letting your parent friends know about it. Anything goes! Link in bio. #toothtales 💎💎💎
New wrapping paper?! #toothtales
Tooth Tales is about to embark on a fantastic journey and I am so grateful to have these wonderful woman on board.. thank you for all the fun and magic and toothy talks. 💎💎💎
Keep your baby teeth (jewelry) safe in these Tooth Tales trinket boxes. 🍡🍡🍡
Gorgeous Kate. She got the gold charm bracelet as a christening gift when she was only ten months old. For each milestone in her childhood a charm was given to commemorate this. We have now made her a black diamond encrusted baby tooth as the final charm to remember her love (and charm- ) filled childhood by. ❤️ #babyteeth #morepreciousthendiamonds #collectmemories #toothteam #toothtales

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