Tyrone caddying for Conor this evening!!!
Forgot to attach the pic of my kids...oops!
Gone fishing!!!
For those of you asking "what are bonefish?" I thought I'd post a pic with a 8lb one from last year...took me 45 mins to get it to the boat!
Anybody guess where we are yet??
Golf mind has been temporarily switched off!! :-)
My boys all excited about our holiday!! :-)
RT @TREVINO_BUCK @DarrenClarke60 excellent news so ur away!! #anyoneforacoffee

See ya Sid!
3 sets of golf clubs & 7 other pieces of luggage squeezed into the back of the ML was like a jigsaw puzzle! #tookawhile
This was another pic from last week!! :-)
On the ferry enroute to Lytham. #earlystart
@BayviewHotelni my mate Jacamo yesterday with the jug outside the Bayview in Portballintrae...he didn't want to give it back!! #fatboykpl
This one was pretty cool as well!!! :-)
Just doing a few pics with The Jug before I have to give it back on Monday! :-(
2 good R&A trophies!!!
Just doing a few pics with The Jug before I have to give it back on Monday! :-(
@ACAmodels With Alison's current Miss Northern Ireland..Tiffany Brien! 
With some of Alison's models from @ACAmodels on Sunday where her girls were doing hospitality for the sponsors!!
@elkpga what about these two Elk?? Fin and Obi!!
FYI...the shoes belong to  @kristinstape,  @Graeme_McDowell 's other half!!! Nice shoes they are too!!
And  @shanelowrygolf taking up all the back seats!!!  @Graeme_McDowell
Just landed in le bourget with  @Graeme_McDowell. It's not raining.....yet!!!
Snow Patrol live in the Bushmills distillery....awesome!!!
@achrisevans you were smiling more than me if that was possible!!!!

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