Beautiful rings at @madebyore workshop at #walthamstow garden party - thank you!
And this equally terrifying twin.
Also multiples of these peck -your-eyes-out avians
I win #terrifyjngXmas
This is my evening!
We built us some Jedward yesterday.
The info booth in hulksville.
In anticipation of our imminent move to wreck, OH has brought me this. I feel vair *empowered*
@MisssyM ooh then you will LOVE the dress I bought in Bridlington this summer!
@emmak67 Like this but more, kind of, eager and clingy?
Although the campsite WAS a bit of a disappointment. Still, fingers crossed for the entertainment! *bright smile*
So! We've arrived in North Yorks!
We had a hurricane lamp supper
The end of summer
The end of summer
@chuzzlit @bitoffun @wilfshelf it goes wi me candlesticks and krenit bowl you bastards.
In ikea I bought a retro wire fruitbowl
@iamjamesward @rhodri I have this. And much, much more.
It's a bit parky in Hornsea.
It's a bit parky in Hornsea.
That Berkertex beauty, for those as missed it.
I bought a fantastic Dress in Bridlington. Quick someone invite me to Abigail's party.

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