Current Status: a mouthful of SexyPop
A flight of Russian Dolls. Not a bad early evening sup.
As some folk start the teardown, and others get ready for work, here's the view leaving #EMFCamp @ sundown yesterday
Because the rucksack & the "3 days in a field" stench aren't enough to signal that I'm on my way home from #emfcamp
Because it isn't fair that only facebook gets to see how much I had to slum it this morning for breakfast
Current #emfcamp packing status: is it too late to hire a car...
Now to fine out if this small amount of kit will fit in my rucksack... #emfcamp
 dammit, why didn't I think to reserve one like this clever person did at @brewdogshored
 normally, knocking on my door early enough to get me out of bed is a bad thing, but I can make an exception for this.
 I seem to have something in my eye...
 Well cover me in eggs and flour and bake me for thirty minutes, it was the terrorists and pedos.
 how rude. Also, good job I'm not Australian, I'm sure that means something else over there ;-)
Taking a slightly different route to work this morning... #IAmOnABus
I love it when Amazon use DPD for deliveries. Particularly when I order at 11am Saturday, and it's delivered 9am Sun
 and that wasn't even the worst round of cards against humanity last night.
@samcrang @skolima men, it's good, but is it  good? ;-)
 I think @HulloMail could do with updating their app for phones with larger resolutions ;-)
 turns out my new mobile is actually going to save me some cash.
It's only the train from V for Vendetta! And yes I was whistling Tchaikovsky's 1812 ;-)
Although after years of Boris bikes, this is almost scarily quick, even with a fat lad on board

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