Thought I Saw a Robot! I Did, I Did.
Predicting My Wants and Needs?
Got a Sneak Peek at Ray Tracing, Amazing Visuals on Many Types of Computers #IntelLabs
Getting Technologic, Research@Intel #IntelLabs
Ready to See the Future of Tech #IntelLabs
Sign of Super Intelligence and Creativity Inside Intel @GapingVoid
On the Verge, Move Ahead
Theme of This Week
I Just Won a Xoom Tablet at IDC's Smart Tech!
Streets of San Francisco. They said he had no heart, yet the heartless driver is bumming
Liberty Bell in Lego, Philly Airport
San Francisco Opera House Curtain Ready for Coppelia
Happy Birthday Italy 150 Amazing Years
@GuyKawasaki delivers #Enchantment @intel
My photo of President Obama In Winning the Future at Intel
Intel CEO at the Presidential Podium About to Introduce President Obama @intel
National and Local Oregon Media In Point #Obama #Intel
People Get Ready, the President's Coming #intel
Bridge to Chip Making Magic
Sun Cracks Clouds Above Intel Chip Fab, Hillsboro, OR
Light Above and at the End of the Tunnel #SF
Orange You Glad to Be Here?
About to experience Stuart Diamond's Getting More:  How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World speaking @Intel

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