Experiment complete. I'm pretty excited about this process. #yay
The current experiments.
Curry's gets in new Liquitex acrylic spray paint!
New closet jewellery organizer, perfect for watercolour tubes.
Merry Christmas meal at PMall! Merry Christmas everyone!!
What is happening here?
I'm hiding from the kids.
That's my pizza.
Oiler boilers... I <3 these.
Finally found a sketchbook that can take all my uber wet experiments and tests: Stillman & Birns it is! #awesome
Mobypicture test >> grumpy kitty.
I just finished Licorice Twist - a party in my mouth. These strainers kick ass. I've been living in tea poverty until now.
I know you thought I was kidding. (there's more in the cupboard) @DAVIDsTEA
My magic receipt from the Husky. Where's my wand? "Revealio".
Wall of jungle-y mess (with wild cat) in studio.
Pic of my studio from the door.
Awesome "Space Invaders" erasers - a customer is using them as stamps. #awesome #Curry's
It's a coin purse!
My Co-op student came in with this today.
Pretty gate.
The new beautiful fence. From here on out known as "Wall".
Happy Birthday from Keith. <3
Birthday Gifties - Japanese cheese cake and Original Art!!!
Does your CRM company send you candy when you make stupid mistakes with their software? MINE does. @batchbook

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