The view from my drive back home to SoCal. ☛ x
Whale watching!
First break of the day. Last day in Monterey Bay. This town was made for me. X
The sunset tonight in Monterey Bay. Pure Vida! X
@swivek And this small promo paper was inside the album. Score!
@swivek This was the inside photo from the LH album.
Mild but good surf here today. Beneath the blue sky.
@swivek I'm in Monterey for the weekend and look what I found in the vinyl store. ☛
Jelly fish!
Divers cleaning the large aquarium. #Montereybay
My sunset in Monterey. Just sitting here after the surf watching it. Pure vida! X
Ready to go!
This is the beach where I will be playing all weekend. Beautiful! ☛
Made it! At Monterey hotel. Nice view over looking ocean. ☛
My Sunset tonight...☛
Just another Tequila sunrise in SoCal this morning. :)
This is my sunset tonight. Wow. Just wow. ☛
I'm going to get my grub on right now with my best friend... In-N-out.
Back to the beach. Hope everyone is enjoying the day. X
Sunset at Zuma Beach. The cheery to my day. x
Just got back from a hike and now headed to the beach. Not wasting this day. x
The sunset tonight is pretty damn special.☛
My sunset today.☛ Pure Vida.
My sunset today.☛ Pure Vida.

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