Smoochy @Charshy_pup we can snuggle in the hammock too!
@ShibberingC OMD my face is gone!  BOL!! #LubBeads911
@babypatches I still love my hide-a-squirrel AND my antler!
I was so tired I had to rest while playing with my hide-a-squirrel!
We are keeping watch over our domain.
Dear Smoochy-face @Charshy_pup, here is how happy you make me:  
@TheBancroftCats Awwww!  So sweet! Are you both ginger kittehs? One of our kitties is an orangey boy, see?
I'm sitting on the deck with mom. Patch is on yard protection duty.
Look at this pawsome cake my Auntie Jacqueline got for my mom's b-day!  O didn't get to try it yet though.
I'm lookin' at mom while she is layin' in her hammock!
Sweet @Charshy_pup my mom got me to pose for a photo so you could see my haircut. SMOOCH!
Oh hai!
This is happening now.
@BigBoyBosco OMD Bosco, look what mom did to her boot! 
She added bling!
@BigBoyBosco Well mom didn't want her to be scared or anything. She played for a while then zonked out!
@BigBoyBosco Here's her pic!!
Look furiends! This is Chloe who mom helped transport today on her way to furrever home. She's so sweet!
OMD mom has to wear this THING!
@NoCrybabyDoGs @snowywestie @bigboybosco @charshy_pup @bea_glebelle @chloe_toby @duchesscrabtree 
BARK!  Here!
Hey @BigBoyBosco I didn't know you had your own place!  Tee hee!
Smooooochy!  @Charshy_pup Did you see my accomplishment from tonight??
Yay for me!  I captured this and nommed it while mom was away!
The kitties are sending a message to mom and we agree!

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