Bruce looking like a little puppy! #socute #puppyforlife
Trotting along in the rain 🌧
Indoor time with Rosie
Shadows worn out from the rain lol
Hi Jack #indoortime
Charlie & Lola returning a little wetter than when they left! #rainyday #rainraingoaway
Kylo is ready to play!
🌧 rain, rain, go away. come again another day 🌧
Jose trying to be coy about wanting more treats #slydog
I’m not ready to face #monday
Oli the curious pup! #puppylife #adorable #samoyed
Five more minutes please 💤
Ceilidh and Jersey would rather be indoors #rainydays
Riley is unsure about the weather this morning
Beautiful Hailey :) #weekendwalk
Hey Ceilidh
Evening walk with Ceilidh and Jersey #sunsetwalk
Jiemo - still as active as a puppy!
Marnie and her closeups
Zoey is all set for the weekend!
Nacho, it’s Friday!
Maude is excited for the weekend!
Hmmmm can I just stay in my warm bed, haha Rocco!
Hey Luna it’s Friday!

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