Came home to a dark house and couldn’t find my daughter at first. She went looking for food but her book was so captivating that she ended up reading it next to the refrigerator.
My daughter and me spotted at an event where we were talking about happiness.
Drawing of me and @tessasterkenburg made by @lou_line at @sohohouseamsterdam for Halloween
Medusa and the traffic accident victim (Halloween @sohohouseamsterdam)
Hmm I wonder who that is...
When you bump into @jpschadde from @cityguysnl in your favorite neighborhood culinary paradise...
Going for a walk in the woods, in style, back in 2000.
My daughter has discovered photo editing. I’m very pleased. #proud #dadgoals #modellife #avocadotoast #fitgirl
Row row row the boat, gently up the stream...
🛶 in France with @thenextweb #tnwlife
After lunch nap view
Picnic with a view
Restaurant with a narrow view
My grandfather, who lives alone in the south of France, turned 100 years old this week. We all showed up to congratulate him.

Photo by @tessasterkenburg
My “out of office” auto reply...
@faye_vvz made this royal portrait of our cat, including the background. I’m proud.
Lost @loisvvz somewhere in Italy. Last time I saw her was in front of this wall. So weird.
Morning ride in #TNWCannes with @kyra_roest. In a #bmwi8 #sustainability #tnwlife
Only in Cannes can you get a tan, a manicure and pedicure, and do an interview, while drinking a beer. 
Thank you @wearecurler for the great service!!! #tnwlife #tnwcannes #fitgirl #influencermarketing

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