A Twitter error message in Twidroid that's explicit in the detail
Virgin HD
Arrived today: @charleneli 's new book. FIR review to come.
Catchup TV servers are hammered by the look of it.
Figured out how to create a filer with iOS4 on my iPhone 3G. Neat!
Whoa, iOS 4 available for my iPhone 3G, says iTunes
Roll up, roll up, it's the greatest show on earth :)
Pretty sure this page at Andoinica isn't supposed to look like this
Delicious Rioja
To die for
Whew, thank goodness for 'out of stock' :)
Oh boy, it's getting irresistible: mailshot from PC World
Apple's HTML5 demo site talks about open standards. Hah! Try it with Chrome or Firefox and see how open.
Dinner break
Like a nice holiday instead :) #snap @mykindofphone
If it looks too good to be true...
Wow, it's a bit warm out there
A gorgeous morning in Wokingham
Unpacking the ZiiSound D5 that arrived from Singapore earlier today
Tracking an expected FedEx delivery: just look at an incredible journey
Neat feature (new?) on Google search: the Wonder Wheel, nice results for 'FT ipad app review'
Tesco Reading kitted out for England football

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