BBC News popout player is a delight on the desktop
Google UK homepage on election day 2010 #ge10
This is ridiculous
Labour, Tories and Greens have iPhone apps.
Wow, huge memory spike at about the time Disqus was syncing comments on the blog.
Earth view of Google Maps is amazing
Good luck to the new Bloomberg BusinessWeek, print and online
Flights in Europe right now: none from IRL to RUS, coincides with ash cloud coverage
Looks like I've definitely got what @pearsonified writes about - pharma spam.
Currently trending topics on Twitter according to But who's Justin Bieber?
That's what I love about Twitter: people talk about *everything*
Nice update to Sky News iPhone app. Wonder if same coming to their Android version.
A package just arrived from Vodafone...
5 interesting updates to check out in the iPhone App Store
@cimota this shows Safari version numbers in Google Analytics
Hmm, impossible to tell which platform Safari visitors are on. Mac? Windows? iPhone? iPad?
Cadburys, simply delicious
Next time
More bygone brand sponsor #prodrive #mipaa
Bygone brand sponsorship #mipaa #prodrive
Getting started #mipaa
More petrolhead's nirvana #mipaa

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