#sketchnote of @peterhreynolds & Paul Reynolds ' session "Stories That Matter" #BLC14
Michael Fullan's keynote at #BLC14. My first live Sketchnote
Here it goes..SchoolLeadership:Building Good C.U.L.T.U.R.E RT @danieldmccabe .@sjwizz @langwitches care to sketch it?
Documenting FOR Learning. Documenting as Pedagogy. Blog post coming soon #sketchnotes #heutagogy #pedagogy
Blogging as Pedagogy #sketchnoting #blogging #blogging2facilitatelearning
@ana_c_c_gil -Mozambique&Portuguese teachers frm @gradedBR -Brazil are exchnging teaching experiences via GgleHangout
Steps to Becoming a Globally Connected Educator...from my chapter in book http://www.amazon.com/Mastering-Global-Literacy-Contemporary-Perspectives-ebook/
@laureljanewicz Your work was also validated in today's workshop of Making  Learning Visible :)
Practicing sketchnoting as notetaking during making thinking visible workshop (using paper app) #spedconf2014
@TaylorMali working with  @gradedbr 's 6th graders today #taylormaligraded
Challenges posed from  @TaylorMali to students today...getting ready to putting it all together #taylormaligraded
"I am from ..."writing exercise with  @TaylorMali #taylormaligraded  @gradedbr
Everyone jotting down memories of their favorite stuffed animal @TaylorMali #taylormaligraded
@TaylorMali sharing his passion of opera with @gradedbr 's 7th graders #taylormaligraded
We can us a story arch  to document  the ups and downs of our learning process via our blogfolios #gradedpd #gradedbr
Using horizon reports's emerging trends &Price's imfluences make up area of focus 4global student teams #asbunplugged
Challenges of Global Collaboration...go beyond the WOW! #asbunplugged
@peggysheehy 's session about memes...how could memes due to its popularity with adolescents  be used 4learning? #asbunplugged
Fun to finally have met f2f and sit across the table from @teachwatts :)
TrackingProgress as part of TechAudit process #asbunplugged data collected was not shared amng teachers,nor principls
Template used by  @sbrownpeters and   @MumbaiMaggie to develop Personalized PD plans for their teachers #asbunplugged
Once data was collected and analyzed, ASB tech team designed PERSONALIZED PD plan for each teacher #asbunplugged
Once data collection was completed.TechAudit ASB team looked at types of artifacts stdnts had produced #asbunplugged
@sbrownpeters ISTEstandards don't necessarily demonstrate rigor/quality of thinking.adding BloomsTaxnmy #asbunplugged

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