TechAudit cntins w/anecdotal evidence(when no artfcts whre avail)&cataloging of what kind of artifacts #asbunplugged
From Tech Audit to Personalized Learning Plan for Teachers with  @MumbaiMaggie @sbrownpeters @sluthra #asbunplugged
Think critically abt audience4ur stdents?Who will care abt their work? What do u want frm ur audience? #asbunplugged
@suzieboss is having us move around stations to discuss different parts of PBL components #asbunplugged
So excited to be learning with @suzieboss at #asbunplugged Taking Thinking Deeper in Project Base Learning
Getting ready for TEDxASB- Disrupting Paradigms at #asbunplugged
"Making things is better than being passive",but not abt"creating".ppt abt topics stdnts don't care abt #asbunplugged
Starting pre conference "Invent to Learn" with @smartinez and @garystager at #asbunplugged
Every teacher is a digital citizenship teacher...practical steps to support students #CLS13
Sample DigitalCitizenship mantra : THINK #CLS13
@jasonohler wrote his own district policy about DigitalCitizenship #CLS13
Words--> collage...Literacy always been produced w/technology available #CLS13 we need 2write well whatever we read
@jasonohler 's keynote at #cls13 Trends that Bend
Milton Burgese about to start keynote at #gafesummit
Definition of Third Culture Kids...fastest growing segment of people in the world #TCK
Typical planning often involves looking at activities teacher"wants"2do,test they'll give,lectures prepped #gradedbr
Some common realities in schools: no transfer, boredom, fun activities but aimless...UbD is a planning framework #gradedbr
UbD workshop with @andyrgreene about to start.
Action steps to become the lead learner by  @stevehargadon #edjewcon
@stevehargadon directly speaking to the heart of the Instagram fans of our  @mjgds students in the audience #edjewcon
Our students seem to prefer to backchanneling with their cellphones :) #edjewcon
@mjgds middle schoolers are joining  @stevehargadon keynote  @edjewcon #edjewcon
Technology change--> mind change -->education change #edjewcon
Keynote with @stevehargadon "Becoming the lead learner" #edjewcon

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