Timehop just made my morning. Rickhouse, SF, one year ago. Hilarious. /cc @spif
We're ready for next year.
Also, check out the fast sharing widget on Android. Real nifty. #cardcloud
Pinnacle: networking by Cardcloud. Check the screens.
Crowd and news crews gathering in front.
Dinner with Wall Street Journal's @benjrooney and the Dutch startup mafia.
Looking forward to SF. /cc @robertgaal @stevenvanwel @boris
"All I see is blonde, brunette, red-head." #namethatreference /cc @Euphemize
New office in full effect
To be continued. See you soon, @koenbok.
talk about Cardcloud for the #SanomamediaNL teams
Dev team working magic #cardcloud
Some of our test devices.
New Google goodies.
6-page article in iPhone Magazine on @getcardcloud
Here's @getcardcloud's @gregoiren and @fkarlsson86 (new hire) hacking away in our overcrowded office
Thanks, Nokia. (C7 w/ NFC)
Mr. Moby Junior, youngest @getcardcloud evangelist ever. /cc @mathys
Product team meeting #cardcloud
CTO @kluivers expanding the #cardcloud
Six degrees of separation? I don't think so.
Watching the keynote over FaceTime as @getcardcloud CTO is in the audience
Cardcloud Events programme #preview

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