#sime11 badge! #cardcloud
A proper Sunday.
recording. #radio #shouldbe #soundcloud
Express delivery from @hardgraft
Testing new features
@erwblo Sir. Cloudcard?!
Look, mom: I'm in an iPad app!
Taking care of @Naveen with some Dutch pub fare.
Gifts from HP/Palm
check out @nicogriffioen rocking a meta QR @getcardcloud card (cloudcard?)
@marckohlbrugge really impressing me with @openmargin
Rockstar @Jonsjanssens rocking the stage for @getmarvia
#Lifelapse road to The Next Web, featuring @scobleizer a bunch of times. (long lapse!)
They hacked together a tool to roll back Cardcloud branding to E at the Hackathon. Bril. Liant. #tnw2011
Pretty girls, ugly guys at #TNW2011 (ha, sorry guys)
Startups, all your companies on today's main stage. #TNW2011
Amsterdam in Startups. Spot your favorite one.
Beautiful sunny Amsterdam on Silicon Canal #lifelapse
According to @Nalden, Harley Davidson will be the next bran du jour /cc @werner
Like this we start off #tnw2011 - spot your favorite founder
Like this we start off #tnw2011 - spot your favorite founder.
Finally got my Lifelapse pouch!
Getting treated to @Layar chocolate!

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