Zuko, that’s a human toilet, not a kitty toilet
I talked about accessibility used this slide to tell people to enlarge the clickable space on their links
Snack day at code camp is assorted cereals this week. I had to take the unicorn cereal because #IAmAdultAndYouCanToo
These shoes are fascinating. I think I love them, but maybe I think they’re awful? I just don’t know!
Happy caturday
Giant ass mason jar of alcohol? Yes please. (Classmate for scale.)
Free coffee in the lobby of my building and free hot dogs across the street for hotdog day
I stepped on this chair and it looks like paw prints. Am I not human? Am I a were-something?!
My team put me in charge of front end today. 10 minutes later:
Feet look like I just got of tub, hoodie shirt & bra totally soaked through  &look like they were dunked in a bucket
Tfw you’re glad you take the train
Oh and I added some Bill and Ted to our group rules
Hmm group projects start today and this is in the “how to work in groups” reading
Free slurpee day \o/ crunchberry slurpee is better than I expected
Code camp: we’re going to learn mongoose today
@K41N_of_2358 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Is your sn something I wouldn’t recognize?
Today’s code camp doodles (I have someone in the seat to my right now so no drawing space on the desk anymore)
Today in code camp: “you’ve never been so up close with a promise before” (coding jokes)
Happy caturday! This cat has mastered both cuteness and comfort. Be jealous
I’m a pokestop!
I’m a pokestop!
Cat lady level: made a pillow fort to block out some light while cat naps (he stopped covering his eyes after that)
I really need to do errands and finally have the energy for it but someone is cuddly for the 1st time in a month…

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