Giant ass mason jar of alcohol? Yes please. (Classmate for scale.)
Free coffee in the lobby of my building and free hot dogs across the street for hotdog day
I stepped on this chair and it looks like paw prints. Am I not human? Am I a were-something?!
My team put me in charge of front end today. 10 minutes later:
Feet look like I just got of tub, hoodie shirt & bra totally soaked through  &look like they were dunked in a bucket
Tfw you’re glad you take the train
Oh and I added some Bill and Ted to our group rules
Hmm group projects start today and this is in the “how to work in groups” reading
Free slurpee day \o/ crunchberry slurpee is better than I expected
Code camp: we’re going to learn mongoose today
@K41N_of_2358 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Is your sn something I wouldn’t recognize?
Today’s code camp doodles (I have someone in the seat to my right now so no drawing space on the desk anymore)
Today in code camp: “you’ve never been so up close with a promise before” (coding jokes)
Happy caturday! This cat has mastered both cuteness and comfort. Be jealous
I’m a pokestop!
I’m a pokestop!
Cat lady level: made a pillow fort to block out some light while cat naps (he stopped covering his eyes after that)
I really need to do errands and finally have the energy for it but someone is cuddly for the 1st time in a month…
I got rickrolled in class: Open this file
Me: ok! Hey….
(Bonus: no one else in class had this)
And then Zuko engaged pancake-mode
Kitty step-bros
At least the clouds are putting in a pretty good show today
Capris and tall socks…hmm… #ICanDressMyself

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