I got rickrolled in class: Open this file
Me: ok! Hey….
(Bonus: no one else in class had this)
And then Zuko engaged pancake-mode
Kitty step-bros
At least the clouds are putting in a pretty good show today
Capris and tall socks…hmm… #ICanDressMyself
I’m poor & dont watch dvds. Anyone want Archer/Frisky Dingo/Venture Bros? Ideally $5 each +ship but will take offers
Oh and now the belly is exposed. You KNOW that is getting rubbed
Lookit this sweet boy. I’m about to lay on/hug/snuggle him. That’s what he gets for being adorable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ssshh Griff is hiding
@craigums @mcdizziness I almost forgot to take this pic for you! The lower shelf is 2 deep
Listening to speakers say things I want to know, accidentally checked email & I just audibly said “oh thank god!”
How much is that doggie in the window?
Looking for pokefriends 5608 0205 1023
I guess you can only park in that area if your vehicle is white
I stare at this roof everyday. I’ve never seen people on it before. Normally just seagulls
I think I ask Zuko to do my homework for me almost every night. This is a pretty typical response
My class notes are being attacked by aliens. Oh noes! 😮
Nice unreadable text to start your site. Did no one view this page before making it live?
Time for homework!
@mcdizziness @craigums this instantly made me think of you
Sorry, instructors, Zuko says I’m not allowed to finish my homework ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aaaahhhh it burns us precious! (Aka, the sun chased away my shade)
Yes, I’m tweeting about you. How do you know??

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