Sometimes we need a cute break. Blurry but my sister’s beagle greeting her other one after 2 days in the hospital.
Seward, Alaska. Fresh off the boat for a day’s work. Guitars. You know what time it is. Jump on it. @sbnation @lana
@thestonemind how about frogs? Watched this guy do his best @AlexHonnold impression at Darwin Falls in Death Valley
@davekellywny @BfloBlog this sure is a sad alert for a billion dollar industry.
Stop. You taste none of those. You taste beer.
Have Mercer!
The English language is fluid and open ended when you want to say someone hit someone else in the penis.
Interesting survey from the NHL asking which cities I’m traveling to & if I’d watch a game there. (cc: @wyshynski)
.@Gawker’s Kinja is an amazing piece of internet technology. Yes, that’s a never ending stream of the same comment.
.@hildymac @GTBradLee @CrossCheckRaise will be up momentarily.
@GTBradLee @hildymac that’s what I was thinking. Almost there.
@katiebakes IT’S A TRAP! #SochiSoulDiggers
Thankfully for this corgi, @chrissyteigen was there to save the day. #chrissyholdingthings
T.J. Oshie: The Only Shooter. #AMERICA (cc: @chrismpeters @wyshynski)
@Unsilent @stefanfatsis I am almost as smart as a football kicking word nerd! Damn you Norway!
Sure, @HillaryClinton won Super Bowl twitter yesterday but @USATODAY’s logo tribute was something else.
Shit just got real in the <spam> death of Paul Walker.
Why was Bieber smiling? He thinks the USA Olympic uniforms are swaggy. #newsiemashup
This is a horribly misleading headline from Gawker. It would have made SNL into actual can’t miss television.
@mlse yay or nay?
Looks like Clark’s teammates played a trick on him on picture day.
It takes a lot of arrogance to tweet these two things back to back.
Have an adblocker installed and @buffalobills dot com goes DAYGLO. PARTY.
Come for the video on @Deadspin. Stay for the free b&w boobs!

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