Japanese guy waiting for his plane. Me, i got left by my plane and had to book another one! Ouch!
Davao City Airport. ✈ ☁
Birdie! ☁ ❤ ✺
Smiles at the park! ☺ ☻ ☺
Stairway to heaven? Maybe.... ;)
Slide to the sea! Fun! Fun! Fun! ☁☼☮
Making music! ♪♬♪♫♪♪
Davao City's People's Park! The sculptures wre so cute! ☺
They call this the white house.Actually d house of a leader of a religion that eats only raw food.no cooking!
The bat cave! Too bad batman wasnt there but the smell was killing me! Eewww! Check out the bats! ☾
Fire dance at crocodile farm in davao city! Nice!
Treasure finally found. For my friend @pasyalera hope u like it. ☺ Ur giant durian! ☮
Lazy croc. ☺ i'd rather not get any closer! ✌
@ d port on d way home waiting 4 other passengers to fill the boat.com'on 0lredy,the waves are geting biger!
Birdie from Bird's Country at Paradise at Samal Island... ☺
Flying durian i saw at the mall. ;)
"Pangil":biggest croc i saw @ croc farm!Wow amazing,il post oder pics soon once i get dem dwnloded frm my cam
Finaly home!Stil hating dis plane 4 leaving me. I had to book an0der 1-way flyt home which is more expensiv than the round trip tket i got.
Finally in davao! No time to tweet! Place is great! Il post pic soon! ✈
Whats on my #iPhone springboard?   
Woke up this morning and i have 134 tweets to read!Nice way to kill time! ☺
@implus wats wrong with @implus tonyt? If connected,my tweets dnt show. ;(
@twittelator what's causing this? Evrytime i open @twittelator,this happens.what's the solution?
Try twittelator pro on ur iphone.has pic preview.highly recomended 2 organize tweet and also tweetdeck for ur iMac

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