En route to Soul Skate.
hahahah. <3333333
I'm ridiculously in love with roller skating.
Not much different than my last cut, but got highlights to advance my Back to Blond agenda.
@gwensmokey side:
(Works this time!) Paying Chooch to say this at my rollerskatin' birthday party:
For school, Chooch needs photos of things that start with K. So badly want to give him this:
I'd you were a one-year-old, would you like this? (Oh god, plz say yes! O.o)
For my work-friend's baby; will eventually hold the ABCs in their maws when finished.
Genuine happy face today. I DARE Henry to fuck with my happiness today. DOUBLE DOG.
Restaurants help Chooch explore his architectural side.
Ugh, jerk face.
@lifeinflux Merry Xmas!
Just got confirmation that she likes it, thank god.
He made me take this picture of him before school. He's a much better morning person than me.
Loving She-Ra.
Henry replaced my Eli from Degrassi background w/ a pic of himself. I changed that shit to this real fast:
Chooch is too engrossed in his new comics to realize something other than screamo is coming out the speakers.
Henry has a "friend" named Jimmy who's working at the sewage plant we just walked by. He got giddy about it.
OMFG, Chooch. Get a fucking grip.

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