Spent some time standing by the window, hoping the sun would dry out my depression. Now I'm COLD & depressed.
Was going through one of my Henry hashtags & found this; thought you'd enjoy ;)
Measuring out pictures for the gallery wall in our bedroom might just be the catalyst to our inevitable break-up.
Like this kind of stuff:
Fans of Slaves have great reading comprehension.
Absolute Punk
This seems like it didn't go their way...
It must be an annual thing?
Jesus. Lol.
It's even part of the painting I made Barb ;)
@ladystardust79 this is begging to be Glenn'd!
He still needs touched up and sprayed, but this is basically it! Let me know if you want anything changed, etc!
Hi hi hi!! It's going well! I went to my favorite museum today with my brother so that's always a good time!
Have you seen this?
@beezuskiddo already done!
Thank you, Facebook!
@theviking according to him, it's not art. This guy is hilarious!!
This is the response I got from the piece of shit stealing my art.
Meow meow, motherfucker.
And don't forget TWAT!
@ohidontthinkso we have steps again! I'm stupidly excited about this.
@ohidontthinkso how's this?
Papa H in action.

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