Not quite as good as my last seat but this flight is not full and my row looks empty. 🤞🏻
It's not exactly a sunset over an ocean, but it's still a nice one.
It's like the four shots of espresso and water I usually get at @gigdrivestarbucks, but a very different than view.
I wish I had one of these seats all the way to Barcelona, but it does make the flight to JFK that much better.
Hello, Delta SkyClub!
Cawfee with a side of water courtesy of @gigdrivestarbucks
Oh. My.
Afternoon hydration and caffination from @gigdrivestarbucks
Now the algo thinks I'm Rear-Admiral Jon Seaburne May 🙄
The algo thinks I'm Thomas Hardy. Whoever that is.
My #bgnow stats are pretty decent. Wish it was reflected in my actual A1C number, though. Maybe I should buy an A1C tester.
Lowest #bgnow reading I've had that wasn't a false reading. 👌☺️ #diabetes
Time for some Blonde Espresso
This travel mug does a great job keeping my coffee warm. It also represents my favorite sportsball team, too.
If you still have one of these, go back to the 1990s.
Back in my usual @gigdrivestarbucks spot
It's gotta be water weight I'm losing, but that's a lot of water. 😳
Love when the cup of ice water comes with my espresso without even asking. Make sure Spencer gets a raise @gigdrivestarbucks
Now I can get my quad espresso from @gigdrivestarbucks in blonde. 👍🏻
I'm cold and trapped on a shiny metal tube. On the plus side, I'm on the way home.
One of the smaller seat belts on a flight…and it fits. Barely. Still, a non-scale victory.
Missed Comfort+ by one row. Still, this is not bad for the long flight back to Seattle.
The one lone Delta plane in a sea of Air France and other SkyTeam partners. This one must be mine.
If I were going to eat, the food in the AirFrance lounge looks pretty good. Since I’m not, this is breakfast.

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