Rare to see Sugar and Miami lying down in the same place.
I found Waldo!
Today's "office" is a Starbucks in Brookline, MA. The cold brew is strong and the sun is out.
Um, yeah, not a good sign.
SEA > BOS on Delta in First. πŸ”₯
Here goes nothing. #ios12beta
Putting the finishing touches on my "This Week in CheckMates" post while at Starbucks.
Final band concert for MiniMe before he graduates. 😱
Wheels down at sundown SEA
Front row seat to Seattle πŸ‘πŸ»
Delay at SFO? No problem! I'll just enjoy the Delta SkyClub (first time in the SFO one).
First and only flight of the day, to my city by the bay 🎢🎸
Foggy day today in Seattle.
Breakfast at the Delta SkyClub at SeaTac
Not *quite* as comfortable in Comfort+ as First but this is a short flight (SLC > SEA). In the end, I'm a lucky dude.
Really cool that the @checkpointsoftware CEO recorded a video answering questions from the CheckMates community. We'll share it soon!
DCA > SLC with that Delta First Class treatment.
Little dark and stormy looking on the National Harbor
Gotta admit, that's new: seeing the air coming out of the vents.
Loving the front of the Boeing Bus seats to Detroit en-route to DC.
Another early morning at the Delta SkyClub at SeaTac
Maybe I use PhoneBoy for my Starbucks name. Good idea @razimokatren!
Today's free drink. Good thing I came I'm early today as all the Starbucks stores are closing early while Starbucks employees "reconnect" with their mission and each other. Have fun @gigdrivestarbucks
A mighty fine #bgnow result.

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