Maybe parking in the garage on the other side of this train was a bad idea.
Not a bad view
Extremely righteous. #diabetes #T2D #bgnow
Kitties soaking up the sun
Trying a different meter, the Contour Next One. The #bgnow result is mighty fine. #T2D #diabetes
First time I’ve seen my #bgnow below 100 mg/dL in ages. #Diabetes #T2D
It’s been a while since I’ve felt like my health is going in the right direction. I’ve dropped about 30 pounds/13.6 kilos and my #bgnow numbers are looking good.

The trick, as always, is keeping it up long term.
I now have a supply of @checkpointsoftware branded fidget spinners.
In the front of the @delta bus today 👍🏻
Getting ready to record some video…
Some cooking required…
Been a while since I’ve been to this office…
After standing in the gate area for a couple hours (thanks SFO) I’m happy to finally be seated in @Delta Comfort+.
Been a couple months since I’ve boarded a shiny metal tube, @Delta or otherwise. Heading to the Bay Area today.
Heading back to the airport
The Alcatel OneTouch Flint next to my iPhone 6s+. Very similar size but a definite difference in cost. If only Android weren't such a gong show on basic things like emoji...and security.
A little slow mo action as part of the tree come down.
This tree, which has probably been dead for the 10 years we lived here, is finally coming down this morning.
This week's #ThrowbackThursday is something I know a few people have but perhaps not this version.
For a $20 phone, this Alcatel OneTouch Flint is not bad.
Having my "afternoon office hours" at Starbucks
Her highness is perched on her throne
Considering I had sushi for dinner this evening, this is an excellent #bgnow result. #diabetes

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