Starting the say off right #bgnow wise, though I’m up way too early for a Sunday. #diabetes
Back in the shiny metal tube to Seattle
Not the most picturesque of places to get work done but it beats my hotel room with no coffee…or the airport.
At the fancy Starbucks, they serve it…fancy.
At the fancy Starbucks.
Quinoa salad and a half chicken, medium spice. 👍🏻
Playing with Zero to track my #intermittentfasting. Even works across timezones. 👍🏻
Some garlic pork to go with the soup. May have ordered too much food. 😳
Feeling like some spicy beef and tofu soup. 👍🏻
Have my fuel and a ride to my ride. Ready to roll!
Settling in for Chicago…
Back to the shiny metal tubes
💯 #bgnow #diabetes #T2D
Now we have a nappy puppy selfie
Puppy selfie
We now have a puppy in the house. Her name in Cinnamon. Lots of energy, this one!
Two ex-49ers, Coach Jim Harbaugh and Navorro Bowman in the sendoff game at Candlestick Park in 2013 😥
Afternoon recharge time at @gigdrivestarbucks
The frustrating thing about #diabetes: Same meter gave two wildly different results one minute apart. #T2D #bgnow
A good #bgnow accomplishment
Let’s see who among my followers will get this reference.
Mr Robot is back.
Granted it was a few hours ago, but I had sushi tonight. #bgnow looking great, considering. #diabetes #t2d
Sugar isn’t impressed I’m photobombing her.

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