Wow, that's…a bit lower than I was expecting. And yes, I checked again to make sure. 😳 #bgnow #diabetes
The consolation prize for the redeye flight I just took is a shower…and this view from the SkyClub in Atlanta.
While I would have preferred a First Class seat for this redeye, a Comfort+ Window seat is the next best thing.
A familiar spot at a not so familiar time. Red wine for the redeye to Atlanta. 👍🏻
The pants are a little stretchy, but they fit. And they’re 38s. And I bought a new belt that I won’t have to punch holes in for a while. #NonScaleVictory
C'mon @gigdrivestarbucks you need to get the Nitro. It's 🔥
Front of the E175 bus to Seattle
Guess you can see downtown Calgary from here.
Yup, no drugs “cure” #t2d #diabetes. Thankfully, you don’t need drugs.
Front of the Q400 bus to Calgary
Not my exact plane to Calgary, but one like it. 😑
On WestJet today from Toronto to Calgary connecting thru Edmonton. No status, or much in the way of Delta MQD, but got the Exit Row. 👍🏻
We've got Timmy's. First time I've had it black. Definitely better with cream.
You know you're in the airport early when Timmy's isn't even own yet. 😴
Tight connection in SLC but had just enough time to use the facilities before boarding for YYZ, where I hear the weather is lovely. 😭🌧❄️
Today's final destination is Toronto, but first: Salt Lake City.
You know you're at the airport early when the SkyClub is closed.
I don't buy books often. May not have needed to buy this one, but it's useful to have something I can refer to offline.
I don't think my blood pressure has ever been this low. It was similar at the doctors office earlier today. 👍🏻
Feeling like Pho today.
Today's Starbucks name. Clearly I'm not at @gigdrivestarbucks #wtf
Kinda wishing I used my upgrade certificate but Comfort+ is nice for the long flight back to Seattle.
Was treated to a nice view landing in Schiphol this morning. In transit back to Seattle.
It's bedtime. 😑

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