looking over the edge! scary!
doin some serious climbing on our hiking adventure!
me on our hiking trip
Rufus: When do we get to hang out with Gregory again? I like him a lot!
Here's all of us at the end of the hike..EXHAUSTED!!
Gregory was such a pawesome bear. We were best buddies by the end of the hike!
Rufus said he had to go.. behind a tree! ew. Hurry up, Rufus!!
After several hours of hiking, Rufus was lagging behind..
woah!! Lookie how high up we are!!
and Gregory showed us all the cool scenic spots too!
Gregory showed us all the cool places to climb!
Turns out Gregory is a really nice bear. He was just lonely, and said he didn't get out much.
while we were takin hiking pics, this bear came and photobombed us!!
did I mention there were a LOT of steps?
lots of steps on this trail by the cliff side..
Some spooky cool cliffs!
We hiked along "Rabbits Run Trail"!!
..going on a trip!
just me
Pawesome new Bearmani Smoking Jacket!! Thanks @snuffynorton!!
cool new Portal themed sweatshirt!! Thanks @Snuffynorton!!
unexpected thanksgiving guest.. mr. moose .. who now lives with us.
Mr. Moose arriving at our house
SOMEBUNNY (i'm not saying who) ate a WHOLE plate of cookies...

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