thank you @tinypearlcat @jakedbunny @kyba for cool magnets!!
beet-apple-carrot-lemon-ginger juice!
itguy iz doin a juice fast, so we makin him some yummy&nutritious beet juice!
flan pudding. always a favourite around here :)
Just makin some flan puddin..
Tryin to keep all da hungry stuffed animals fed!
so then I gotta make breakfast!!
efurry morning, I'm woken by THIS! #hungryteddies
Wishing  Efurryone a Happy 2014!!
merry christmas!!
Beautiful paw-made wood print ornament from @rettetkaninchen and @xylografie THANK YOU!!
Pawesome paw-stitched carrot ornament from @i_am_fuzzy on our tree. THANK YOU FUZZY!!
we didn't haf tree topper so Abominable Snowman is pretendin to be King Kong instead.. heh
our christmas tree
ceramic measuring spoons of love from @tad40 THANK YOU!! MWUAH MWUAH!!
Scottish cook books from @thisbear ! how cool! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Rufus opening gift from @thisbear
Rufus got a pirate outfit!! I will try and keep him outta da rum!
just me!
Final shot of all of us after the hike
the perfect spot to take a break!
..and over!
checking out the view..
pawesome shot of Gregory!

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